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bestsafaridubai.com was established in Jan. We understand the language, heritage and traditions within the UAE, which is very important especially for tourists as we offer quality of service and we know and understand our tours and safaris.We focus on the niche market of providing tours and excursions which are personalized to suit each and every individual. This is where we have a competitive advantage over the others in this industry by providing tailor-made tours, enabling each intimate group or our corporate clients to receive personal attention.The choice is endless, and whether you are looking for rest and relaxation, a Dinner Cruise, Sand Skiing, Belling Dancing adventure, new experiences and sights or to pursue, we can advise you on the best options. We will relate our advice to whatever level of luxury your budget allows, and whether you will be on your own or are planning to be accompanied by family or friends.We also arrange group tours/safari for our corporate clients, for training purposes or just a motivational day out, but we promise one thing, that when you go on an Smart Connection Tour & Events you will have wonderful memories that will stay with you for ever. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a lot of regular clients and that we are by far one of the top tour operators in Dubai. We have fully accomplished the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing requirements for a legitimate tour operator with full insurance coverage, licences and trade related permits.

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